Jelly Belly

Trouble Maker JellyCirque Jelly

Ooh, I love a good jelly sandwich manicure.  All that lovely, glossy, glitter-embedded squashiness makes for some very pretty nails, the kind that look as though they were much more trouble than they actually were.  As such, it’s a great technique for newbie nail artists who would like to try their hand at a fun, great-looking design without straying too far from the basics.  All you really need is a sheer polish, a favourite glitter topper and a steady hand.  Here I’ve shown two different jelly sandwich manicures featuring four different polishes, although the technique changed not one iota between the two – simply lay down a few coats of a sheer, jelly-like polish (don’t get too hung up on the nomenclature; whether it’s called a sheer, a jelly or a translucent, what you’re looking for is a sheer polish that won’t completely obliterate the glitter you’re laying it on top of), then a coat (or two, or three) of a glitter topper, finally topping the whole works off with one even coat of the base jelly.  What you’re left with is a prettily subdued version of the glitter you used, seemingly nestled and embedded in the squishy-looking jelly polish.  Sounds sort of gross, looks super pretty and requires no more effort than an ordinary old mani, so what have you got to lose? 🙂

For these two jelly sandwiches I used (top) Polish Me Silly’s black-and-neon speckled Trouble Maker between Revlon’s pale pink Sheer Blossom and (bottom) Cirque’s rainbow-in-a-bottle Kaleidoscope between Essie’s off-white Adore-a-Ball.

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