528 Bottle

File this one under “A Pretty Waste of Polish” or, alternatively, “Ideas That Were Never Going to Work, but Good on You for Trying Anyways!”  As you can see, I got it in my head that I could take a true glitter topper – tiny rainbow glitters suspended in a clear base – and layer it enough times that it would eventually become opaque.  Spoiler alert: It didn’t!  What you’re seeing here are a record seven coats of Ozotic’s sadly discontinued 528, a peacock-hued holographic glitter topper that I now know beyond a shadow of a doubt looks and behaves best when layered over a dark polish, if only so you don’t use up one-quarter of the bottle in your attempts to fully cover your nails.  Darker bases also really let the holo glitter pop and enhance all of that fun, rainbow-throwing prettiness in a way that simply spackling your nails with the stuff cannot achieve.  But it’s still so, so lovely, and goof notwithstanding, I think we can still enjoy its colour-shifting beauty, right?  Now to go find a tiny blunt instrument and chisel this (pretty) junk off my nails!528 Outside528 Angle

2 thoughts on “Overkill

  1. I love full impact glitters! this one is so gorgeous! i love using these on fingers and toes they last so long!

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