Pink Triangle


This nail polish, KB Shimmer’s Peak My Interest, reminds me of a lot of things – flamingos, bubblegum, the carpet in a Palm Springs retirement home. But mostly its little triangle-shaped glitter (something new in the polish world, actually) reminds me of a favourite old Weezer song called Pink Triangle in which a young man (underweight, bespectacled and most likely bearing the name Rivers Cuomo) falls in love with a super cool girl, only to discover that she actually prefers the company of other ladies. He berates himself for a while before finally conceding that yeah, maybe before he planned out their wedding, he should have taken a closer look at that pink triangle patch on her sleeve that “let (him) know the truth.” It’s an awesome song off one of my all time favourite albums, 1996’s criminally under-appreciated Pinkerton, way back when Weezer weren’t quite as cheesy as they are now. If you can lay your mitts on a copy, physical or digital, I highly recommend picking one up. In the words of Ferris Bueller, “It is SO choice.”

Know what else is choice? This nail polish! As always, another pretty, glittery pick from KB Shimmer’s massive, two-part summer collection, this time a coral jelly polish studded with periwinkle, blue and white hex glitter and tiny white triangles. It’s a fun, summery polish that applies just as well as KB’s other fabulous offerings, although be warned that there is a bit of disparity between the way the colour appears in the bottle (a bright, almost dusky pink) and on the nail (a clear pinky-coral.) Still, a minor quibble with an otherwise great product that looks pretty fantastic no matter what shade of pink it’s blushing. 🙂Peak My Interest Outside

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