Disney Girl Challenge: Maleficent


This Disneyfied manicure, inspired by of-the-moment bad gal Maleficent, pays tribute to the animated version of the dark fairy and not so much Angelina Jolie’s more recent diamond-hard cheekbones of inner turmoil.  In the spirit of total disclosure, it should be noted that I don’t believe I have ever seen Sleeping Beauty.  I’ve seen enough bits and pieces over the years to patch together a rough idea of what happens, but I can’t ever remember sitting down and watching the whole movie end to end.  So if it appears as though my heart was not 100 percent devoted to this project, well, you’d be right.  I mean, I’m the one who came up with the design, and yet I can’t make head nor tail of what those purple bits are supposed to be.  Her cape?  And I KNOW I intended for that twisted green mass on my thumbnail to be Maleficent’s hocus pocus bad fairy fire, but I think it looks more like I forgot I was doing Maleficent nails and veered straight into Poison Ivy territory.  Which I suppose is never a bad place to be (unless you’re Batman or the Joker on a very, very bad day) although in this case, ever so slightly besides the point!

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