Raspberry Rainbow

Look High and Holo Bottle

Here’s another new polish from the second half of KB Shimmer’s glitter-packed summer collection, Look High and Holo.  It’s an absolute stunner in the bottle, as you can see – all gorgeous rainbow holographic glitter in a rich raspberry jelly.  And I wanted to like this polish so very, very much, because pretty well without exception, KB Shimmer has become my jam.  And yet…

The formula on this one is tricky.  KB’s glitter-in-jelly offerings are usually rock solid, but this polish, perhaps owing to the sheer quantity of base-devouring glitter in each bottle, is kind of dry and the glitter desperately wants to clump together.  I also found the dark pink base to be a touch dulling, masking all that beautiful multicoloured glitter you so admired in the bottle.  

I haven’t been a KB customer for that long, but with this now being the only exception, I have loved every single polish of theirs completely, so it’s quite weird that this one is falling a bit flat, especially when its specs sound so awesome.  Still, a very pretty polish in a fabulous colour with tons of fun visual interest – and what about that sentence sounds bad again?Look High and Holo Outside

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