Mint Chip (OMD2)

Mint ChipContrary to some commonly held beliefs, Canada, my home and native land, is not a frost-covered wasteland. Frost-covered, yes, but hardly a wasteland (green and verdant is our true north strong and free. Except when it’s covered in frost.) The truth is that in the summer, every part of Canada experiences a heat wave to some degree, with us soggy sods down in Eastern Ontario seemingly bearing the brunt of the humidity. Kind of like the humidity that settled over my city a few days ago and has thus far refused to leave. Which is a problem for yours truly, as I am pale and delicate and prone to wilting. I’m a pansy!

But you know what beats the heat (AIR CONDITIONING – the answer is always air conditioning)? Ice cream. So in dubious honour of the heat wave that won’t quit AND as my first entry in the Oh Mon Dieu 2 nail art challenge for the theme of mint, I submit these ice cream nails, dripping with refreshing mint chip ice cream.

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