Talkin’ About Bad Girls

Pity the woman who isn’t a gorgeous and free spirited teenage princess in the Disney Universe; she gets very little love. I mean, is it any wonder the female baddies of the Disneyverse act up? From Mother Gothel to Ursula to Cruella, not a single one is regarded as anything other than irredeemable (albeit devastatingly attired) evil. Of course, Mother Gothel is a kidnapper and Ursula is a witch who lures feckless, young mer-girls to their untimely ends and Cruella, um, skins puppies…okay, so perhaps they’ve earned their reputations, one-dimensional though they may be.

Here I’ve rounded up a collection of manicures inspired by the bad girls, bad girls (whatcha gonna do?) I’ve tackled in my self-imposed Disney Girl Challenge, from new-again notable baddies like Maleficent to old standbys like Miss – if you’re nasty – Deville.

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