Blooming Blue

In Bloom Bottle

I purchased two polishes recently from a new-to-me Aussie indie brand, Lilypad Lacquer, and when they arrived via nail mail yesterday just in time to be photographed all gorgeously out on my sun-streaked balcony, I wasted precisely zero time in swatchin’ ’em up. Then I stood around in a kind of daze, muttering under my breath about such inanities as linear holo and microshimmer whilst tilting my hands back and forth, side to side, up and down. Call it Nail Polish Hypnosis. Believe you me, it’s a very real thing, and we WILL find a cure in our lifetimes!!!

But before I get up on my PSA soapbox, I’ll point out that this polish, Lilypad Lacquer’s holographic and purple shimmer-infused In Bloom, is totally worth falling into a fugue state over, because it’s so. stupidly. gorgeous. Fabulous quality, too, and a dream to apply. It reminds me of this multichrome-type MAC eye shadow my best friend and I both wore in high school that flipped between purple, blue, green and grey and which I felt quite badly about when they discontinued many, many moons ago. I remember (vapidly) staring into the horribly-lit bathroom mirror at my part-time job and watching the colours shift as I batted my eyelashes and otherwise acted like a giant, giggly girly girl. Which I am, so no apologies! But needless to say, staring at this gorgeous colour on my nails is sure to prove significantly easier than the eye shadow, and it is thankfully not discontinued!

In Bloom Shade

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