Bifrost Black

Rainbows in Space BottleThis polish, Lilypad Lacquer’s holographic stunner, Rainbows in Space, totally reminds me of that mystical road of hoop-dee-doo that binds the fabric of the universe or some such crap in the Marvel Universe, the Bifrost. Although, to be honest, the only thing I’ve really retained from repeated viewings of various movies in the Marvel superhero oeuvre is that Captain America’s ass is so, SO fiiiiiiinnnnnne. *Shakes head in disbelief* And I’m not even a butt woman! But good lord, the man should be renamed Captain Ass, because that’s all that matters about his character.

But we’ll go with the Bifrost thing. For those not in the know, it’s a type of trans-universal road that appears mostly in the Thor movies, and it looks exactly like this nail polish. In fact, if I didn’t know any better, I’d think that keeper of time dude shellacked the entire thing in holographic nail polish during all those off hours when marauders WEREN’T trying to punch a hole through the fabric of reality or whatever. Like I said, I stopped paying attention at ASS.

But getting back to the ass matter at hand, this nail polish, the second of two polishes I recently purchased from Lilypad Lacquer, is, like its periwinkle order-mate, a total stunner. Rainbows in Space lives up to its name, throwing gorgeous, copper shimmer-tinged rainbows all over the place, and as a nice little added bonus, it applies beautifully. I particularly love the way the charcoal grey polish acts as its own highlighting base, bringing out the very best in all that gorgeous holographic shimmer.Rainbows in Space SunRainbows in Space Sun 2

In lower, indirect lighting, Rainbows in Space, with its streaks of copper-hued microshimmer, shows as a wealth of different shades. Here it’s reading as a dark, flannel grey, but throughout the day I also wondered if I was seeing a deep, heathery navy or even an exceptionally blackened teal. It’s a truly lovely chameleon in that way.Rainbows in Space Bottle Shade

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