Lemon-Lime (OMD2)

Lemon-LimeAhhhh, refreshment! *falls backwards into a pool full of lemonade* Hmm, clearly somebody – as in me-body – has been watching too many commercials if I think wading around in a stagnant pool of sugary, burny lemonade is a viable option to beat the heat. But do you know what is? Parking your butt in the shade or in front of the air conditioner box and doing your nails. This may be an incredibly Homer Simpson-esque statement, but kids, you can’t get hot if you never get off your ass. How’s that for some irresponsible life advice?!

But while I was sitting pretty (and chilly) on MY derriere, I did these thirst-quenching nails, which derive inspiration from day 12’s theme of 3D in the Oh Mon Dieu nail art challenge. 3D nailstuffs can encompass a wide variety of items, from textured polish, tiny beads and acrylic bows to full-fledged nail jewellery and dangly thingies, but seeing as I’m not hugely fond of stuff on my nails, I thought I’d go “classic” with these small, simple fimo cane pieces in lemon and lime. It’s a cute look, especially with the iridescent flakie topcoat I used to get that effervescent effect, but as always, I remain unsold on the utility (in my life at least) of 3D nail art enhancements.


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