Newt! (OMD2)


Day 18’s theme in the Oh Mon Dieu nail art challenge (almost wrote that as “Oh Mon Die”) was the almighty dotticure, a ridiculous made-up word to describe a manicure in which dots are the prevailing nail art technique. Thanks to a plethora of fun dotting tools on the market, dot-based designs prevail, to say nothing of their user-friendliness for nail art pros and noobs alike.

For this challenge prompt, I decided to try my hand at a pixelated, comic strip-type design, complete with speech bubble superhero grunts that I freely admit to cribbing from a favourite episode of The Simpsons. In “Radioactive Man” (season 7, episode 2) Springfield is chosen to host the filming of the new big budget Radioactive Man movie. Wackiness naturally ensues (“My eyes! Ze goggles do nothing!”), with the production seemingly only caring that the movie be nothing like the goofy Radioactive Man movies of the ’60s. Two seconds later there’s a flashback to one of those goofy movies, with our hero bravely beating in faces (Boy Scouts, actually; how’s that for our radioactive good guy?!) while Batman-esque fight dialogue (“Bam!”, “Pow!” and the like) flashes across the screen. Except instead of the usual assortment of “Blam!”s and “Kapow!”s you typically see when the hero is kicking ass and taking names – and I’m starting to snicker as I type this – it’s all “Bif!” and “Newt!” and one particularly awesome and elongated “POOOOOOOOO!” *wipes eyes* Damn, that’s funny. And so I painted it on my nails. Newt!

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