Rainbow Roses (OMD2)

Rainbow Roses

Everything I know about rainbow roses can be encompassed by one hopelessly optimistic Pin that assures me that multi-coloured roses are but a snip, dye and a half-day wait away. But like most things that are born of a delusional evening spent perusing the DIY and craft boards on Pinterest, I have taken this one with a grain of salt and have yet to actually try the technique myself.

And let’s not even get started on purchasing rainbow roses. A trusted local florist should be able to do them, but it’ll be treated as a custom order and they will be pricey. And I know that major online florists like FTD and Teleflora also offer arrangements of rainbow roses, but from everything I’ve ever read about them, their products and services are worryingly hit or miss, and you’ll still be paying major dollars. All for a bunch of white roses tweaked with food dye! So the lesson to be learned here is maybe I should try that Pin after all? Please somebody remind me to wear gloves, though, or I’ll be sporting rainbow-hued palms until September.

These are nails I did for day 25’s theme of roses in the Oh Mon Dieu nail art challenge. I’ve gone back to this rose well a few times now (all of my rose designs come out looking like blobby little rose-oids), this time painting a garden’s worth of rainbow beauties along the edge of my nails against a stark white background perfect for highlighting multi-coloured detail work.

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