(Pretty) Smelly

Sugar Rush BottleThis polish, Cinapro’s Nail Sugar in Sweet Tooth, is 80 kinds of shimmery, glittery holo goodness (it reminds me of Fraggle felt, which makes no sense, as I don’t believe there was a blue spotted Fraggle) but holy cats, does it stink. Nail polish is nose hair-singeingly smelly under the best of circumstances, but this one is in a class all its own (so much so, if naming it were up to me, I’d call it Toxic Tanzanite.) So while it may make a beautiful, unique addition to your stash (there’s an LED light in the cap!) you may wish to exercise a bit of caution if you’re particularly scent sensitive. There’s a wealth of fun colours, glitters and textures in the Nail Sugar line, and I snagged my light-em-up bottle at Sally Beauty Supply.Sugar Rush Bottle LightSugar Rush

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