Rock Lobster

Rock Lobster

I just returned from a few weeks out on Canada’s east coast where, amazingly enough, I ate not one bite of lobster. That’s pretty impressive given that from about the coastal town of Rimouski, Quebec straight through to Prince Edward Island, the lobster rules. You really can’t swing a seafood mallet in those areas without running into the king of the crustaceans. Lucky for them, though, I’m not all that fond of lobster (I actually find it to be sort of a pointless food – all work for not much play.) I like to think I saved at least a few happy homards (“lobster” en francais) from untimely ends, even if that had less to do with feeling altruistic and more to do with their lack of deliciousness.

The scallops, however, were shown no mercy. Poor yummy bastards never stood a chance.


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