Orange is the New Mystical Chicken

Orange is the New BlackOne of my favourite bits from the first season of Orange is the New Black is Red’s monologue about the rarely-sighted wild chicken that once came to her in a dream wearing a black top hat set just jauntily so. She rhapsodizes about how all she wants is to eat the capture-alluding chicken that’s smarter than all the other chickens (she plans to turn it into a nice Kiev) to absorb its power. It’s a wistfully batshit moment in a show that specializes in such charming inanities, and touches off a fun, albeit unhinged, poultry hunt amongst the residents of the Litch, much to Alpha Red’s annoyance. But not to fear, foul favourers, the chicken lives to see another day, disappearing into the the foggy fall mists surrounding Litchfield Penn. I hope we get to see her again, if only so Red can get a decent home cooked meal.

These Orange-inspired nails draw inspiration from the chicken episode and Red in general (you know she’d paint her claws a vampy crimson like this one), with a wee nod to the prisoners’ neon Department of Corrections togs and the ladies’ usual grey civvies.


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