What Do Doozers Do?

What Do Doozers Do?

When I was a kid, my parents and I watched a ton of Fraggle Rock. It was such a great show, treading that fine, difficult line between being appropriate for younger viewers while also displaying enough adult-oriented wit to keep older viewers interested, too. I loved the hypochondriac Fraggle in the pork pie hat and Hawaiian shirt best (Boober?), although Gobo’s wandering relative and pen pal, Uncle Travelling Matt, was also a favourite. Marjory the Trash Heap scared the crap out of me, so we won’t talk about her.

I always had a bit of an issue with the Doozers, however, owing to a misconception I only recently – as in the last couple of years – had corrected for me. When I was younger, I assumed that the Fraggles, with their debilitating radish habits, were nothing but Doozer City-destroying marauders, crashing and crunching their way through the Doozers’ radish rod-constructed buildings like crazy felt Godzillas. But as it turns out, the Doozers’ main purpose in life is to build cities specifically so the Fraggles can eat them! Lather, rinse, repeat. Information I could have used before! But while I still question the futility of life as a Doozer, it’s of some comfort to know that they weren’t suffering for the Fraggles’ insolence, merely playing out their preordained, subterranean roles. All while being ridiculously, ludicrously cute. Honestly, have you ever known of such an adorable little construction crew? Those charming pink noses just slay me. 🙂


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