Princess Pink

Cotton Candy Bottle

Because sometimes you just want ultra sparkly princess unicorn nails, and who’s going to say no to the woman carrying a loaded lacquer bottle? Enter Cinapro’s Nail Sugar in Cotton Candy, a sheer pink jelly polish loaded with iridescent rainbow glitter. Like its sister polish from the same Sugar Rush line, Sweet Tooth, it has a cool co-ordinating LED light in the cap, perfect for lighting your way to pinked-out polish paradise. This polish doesn’t look particularly opaque, and so I layered two coats of Cotton Candy over one thin coat of a sheer pink creme, but you could easily get it to full opacity in three coats, ensuring that each coat dries completely before adding another layer, lest you suffer the horror of nail polish drag. Cinapro is a new-to-me brand, and if you like their polishes as much as I do, you can find their light-up goodies at Sally Beauty Supply.Cotton Candy Bottle Light-UpCotton Candy Full

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