Don’t Let the Sun Go Down On Me

Don't Let the Sun Go Down On MeAs the final weekend of summer kicks off, I thought it would be fun to cram in all the vacation, leisure and beach-inspired manicures I’ve been putting off for the past two months. I think I was so shocked by the fact that summer actually happened, I forgot to tackle all those seasonal manicures I was dreaming about back when we were buried under eight feet of dirty spring snow.

So as the first entry in my weekend of summer mani appreciation, I thought I’d try my hand at a silhouetted beach scene against a backdrop of a pretty gradient sunset. I like how the totally out-of-scale kitty is contemplatively staring into the holo-hued sun (probably wondering why it’s the same size as the palm tree beside it. Perhaps it’s time to lay off the crunchies, mega-kitty.)

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