Here We Go Again

31DC2014Having just come off my first 31 day nail art challenge, an event during which I was perpetually off the pace and aggravatingly bereft of inspired ideas, I didn’t think I was going to take part in this September’s big, all-polished-hands-on-deck 31 day challenge. But I didn’t participate last year, having only just developed an interest in nail art, and so I watched from the sidelines, marvelling at how anyone could do a manicure a day for one entire month. And then I started doing crazy stuff like three or four manicures in a day, and suddenly one seemed infinitely doable.

Except like I said, I really screwed up my first shot at a 31 day challenge, a mistake I don’t plan on making again (except tell no one that I’m already one off the pace; damnity damn damn!) This time I plan on doing the prescribed manicures in the allotted time actually on the correct date (you know, once I finish cramming the first three I’ve so far neglected into back-to-back-to-back posts.) And because there’s nothing I like more than making life more complicated than it needs to be, I thought I’d assign myself a sub-challenge in the form of 31 days of Disney-inspired manicures. Movies, characters, theme parks, rides and other fun entities flying under the Disney banner will all apply, so long as they fit within the parameters of the daily theme. Just my way of keeping what is sure to be a crazy-making activity from, you know, actually making me crazy. 🙂


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