Disney Girl Challenge: Celia (31DC2014)

Disney Girl Challenge: Celia
I got two birds stoned at once with this manicure, as Ricky from the Trailer Park Boys might say, by combining day six’s theme of violet in the 31 Day Nail Art Challenge with my own casual, no-end-in-sight Disney Girl Challenge. The result? Celia from Monsters Inc., Mike Wazowki’s Medusa-haired girlfriend and loved-up Schmoopsy Poo. Celia is sort of personality-less on her own, although her hair, a nest of purple snakes who strenuously object when she contemplates a trim, really sells the whole package. Still, I’m starting to understand why Celia’s a bit of a pill – it must be hard being constantly upstaged and/or threatened with venomous bites by your hair.


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