Something’s Different…

LargeFingerCandyDid you dye your hair? No! No, you cut it! That’s it, right; you cut it? No? Um, okay, well, you did something. Massive facelift rendering you fresher, but virtually unrecognizable? Ding, ding, ding! Hey, I knew that was the one!

And so my little blog, at the tender age of but one, has decided it’s time to throw off the shackles of youth, change its look, clean up its act and join the blogging big leagues (or at least the league that’s above the teams that are sponsored by the local porn shop.) So you may have noticed a few changes around Finger Candy, some fairly major (a new header, a new background and a prettier, easier-to-read font) but all purely cosmetic and designed to enhance your browsing and reading experience whilst visiting my little corner of the sky.

As always, thank you all for your continued support and interest in my just-barely-related-to-nail-art ramblings. I love receiving your comments and interacting with so many funny, smart and creative people every day, and I hope you’ll continue to stop by and visit for as long as I can continue to paint food with eyes on my nails and make up incredibly laboured puns to describe them thereafter.


4 thoughts on “Something’s Different…

  1. Looking good! You’re my favourite blog! You’re actually the only blog that I read…..but you would still by my favourite if I read a hundred blogs:) Keep the awesome nail art coming!

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