I’m Trying to Tell You Now It’s Sabotage

SabotageCollageWatermarkedIt’s the very best kind of nail mail that gets you crooning along with old rap standards, like this polish, Emily de Molly’s Sabotage, that’s had me “rapping” and dancing around the apartment, throwing down the Beastie Boys’ classic fish eye lens dance moves, much to my cats’ consternation. All-too-apparent lack of coolness aside, I think they’re worried I’m going to break a hip (a very real possibility given that both the Beasties and I are apparently now considered – sigh – OLD.)

But you’re never too old for nail polish (just ask my grandmother who, at 90 years of age and not the best of health, still likes to keep her nails freshly filed and painted), especially when it’s one as pretty as Sabotage. This polish was a bit of an impulse purchase (aren’t they all?), although I’m glad it accidentally fell into my online shopping basket all on its own without any help from me whatsoever because it’s so, so sparkly and lovely. Yet despite all that magpie-baiting sparkle, Sabotage, a deep, eggplant-coloured jelly polish stuffed with tiny specks of holographic glitter, is no tacky glitter bomb, eschewing mega wattage for something a little more discreet and adult. It’s equally stunning in both the shade and the sun, throwing off tiny red, blue and green rainbows, and wears beautifully, thankfully not doing that thing that jelly polishes tend to do where they pull back from the edges of your nails. Another polish from Emily de Molly that’s already earned its spot in the stash!


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