The Fox and the H-H-Hound (31DC2014)

The Fox and the HoundFor day 23’s theme of nails inspired by a movie in the 31 Day Nail Art Challenge, I quite inexplicably decided to tackle a manicure honouring Disney’s 1981 animated movie, The Fox and the Hound. I say inexplicably because with the exception of one aborted viewing at the theatre when I was three years old, I’ve never seen it. Because it is the worst movie ever made, a too-soon lesson in the everyday cruelties this world has to offer, steeped in the soul crushing heartbreak that is the hallmark of Disney’s earliest animated efforts (Bambi, Dumbo, Old Yeller – you know, the whole “ALL THE MOMS AND BELOVED PETS MUST DIE!” thing.) It is family legend, actually, the afternoon my parents took me to see The Fox and the Hound, only to quickly take me out of The Fox and the Hound, little chest hitching, tears streaming down my freckled face as I bellowed “Wuh-wuh-WHY CAN’T THEY BE FRIENDS?!?” at the top of my lungs. It is such an un-favourite, actually, that years later in high school when my baby-sitting charges asked if we could watch a VHS copy of the movie, I had to find an immediate and super creative reason why we couldn’t (“Oh look, all the tape has inexplicably fallen out and puddled all over the floor – weird”) lest they use my inevitable tears as leverage against me.

So you may be asking yourself why I would create such a manicure given my overwhelmingly negative feelings about the movie. It’s an excellent question, actually, one I’ve asked myself on more than a few occasions this evening, but the basic answer is DISNEY. I’m up to my eyeballs in allllll the Disney as I paint my way through this September’s 31 Day Nail Art Challenge, and sobby feelings aside, it’s a Disney movie AND one I’ve got some legendary stories about, so it stays! But you can’t make me watch The Fox and the Hound ever again – YOU CAN’T. MAKE. ME! I’ll just get exceptionally weepy, and nobody needs that. 🙂

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