Drusilla: A Then and Now Post

DrusillaLast year I did a set of bloody, bite-marked nails that weren’t half bad (see below), although I’ve often thought I could have done better. So when the theme of vampires came up in the Halloween nail art challenge I’m participating in over on Instagram, I decided to take another kick at the vampire-bitten can, combining elements of that first mani (ragged puncture wounds and drippy blood; check and check!) with a few nails inspired by one of my favourite television vampires, Drusilla from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Both crazy and clairvoyant, Dru had the kind of personality really only a Mother could love (before becoming a vampire, she was a nun!) or maybe just Spike, her long-time paramour (like, 120 years long-time) and protector. I liked Drusilla and Spike in the early days of Buffy’s run when they were weird and punk and dangerous, although any time Dru would start yammering about how the stars had disappeared and Spike would drolly remind her that they had disappeared because they were indoors and she was staring at the ceiling was pure gold. I loved Dru’s personal style, too – lots of lacy, empire waisted baby doll dresses with puffy sleeves and her signature killin’ nails (RIP Ken-drah the Vampire Slayer), long, vampy, blood red talons tipped in stark white.

Here I combined my small-nailed version of Dru’s killer mani with a lace-trimmed thumb and two improved-upon nails from last year’s nails. I’m encouraged to see that my technique has gotten much better (tidier, cleaner and more precise, specifically), although I am the most pleased with the visible improvement in my nail care game. Well-tended nails provide a tidy base for your mani masterpieces, and elevate any nail art beyond just “painting your nails.” Bloody good work!Bite Me

2 thoughts on “Drusilla: A Then and Now Post

    • Thanks very much! Re: IG – I don’t have one! I did, but I deleted it about a year ago. More of a traditional blogger. Speaking of, I followed your blog – love the Buff and all things ’90s as well.

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