Choco-Mocha Espressiato

Seasonal Lattes CollagePretty sure I just made that term up, although I’ve no doubt some Starbucks-obsessed yuppie will make it a caffeine and caramel syrup-laced reality very soon, if they haven’t already. I used to be a member of the Starbucks tribe, but I’ve cooled off in recent years. My wallet and my teeth and my sleeping patterns and my waistline all thank me.

But one thing I have absolutely not cooled off on is my search for the perfect espresso-hued holo, a rare animal in the nail polish world that either doesn’t exist in the first place or gets scooped up by other lacqueristas so quickly, it’s like I hallucinated it into existence. Either way, it’s been a difficult polish to lay my hands on, and so I’m beyond thrilled that a recent shipment of nail mail contained a bottle of the mythical, coffee-coloured beauty, and just in time for my wedding anniversary, too!

This brown beauty from indie brand Smitten Polish is called Seasonal Lattes, and an Instagram photo of its gorgeousness is what touched off my obsession with finding the perfect dark brown holo. A brief, fruitless search of the usual stocklist suspects for something like Seasonal Lattes turned up nada, and in the end I simply placed an order directly with Smitten, a new-to-me indie polish maker, for the holographic lovely and (shhhh!) a few of its friends so it didn’t get lonely on its trip to my home. Because I’m considerate like that.

The verdict? Chocolate-covered espresso bean perfection! Seasonal Lattes is everything I was looking for in a java-hued holo polish – gorgeous, deep colour that shifts from milk chocolate to coffee grounds to rich soil depending on the light, a beautiful linear holo effect and smooth, even application in two coats. It also pleases me to say I had zero issues in dealing with Smitten as well. I placed my order, they filled my order, it was delivered in a safe and timely manner – no problems here!

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