You’re a Chameleon, You Saucy Minx

You Saucy Minx CollageSmitten Polish scored a real hat trick with this third fantastic polish I received in a recent order of nail mail. This is You Saucy Minx, a royal blue/violet/blueberry/periwinkle jelly polish shot through with red-to-green colour shifting shimmer. It’s quite saucy indeed, looking like about six totally different polishes depending on the lighting or the angle of your hand. It’s a multichrome as well, with the shimmer adding gorgeous depth in lower lighting and an almost holo-like rainbow effect in the direct sun. That combined with the colour shifting shimmer makes for a constantly changing nail polish animal that really does look like about four slightly, but clearly, different polishes. More bang for your buck, which you’ll probably just turn around and give right back to Smitten when you learn that You Saucy Minx has a turquoise sister!You Saucy Minx HandYou Saucy Minx Shade Hand

6 thoughts on “You’re a Chameleon, You Saucy Minx

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