Ribbon Candy

Ribbon CandyThese nails, inspired by KB Shimmer’s peppermint-hued, re-released holiday polish, Merry Pinkmas, remind me of ribbon candy, that odd, not particularly yummy but truly beautiful Christmastime sweet your gran probably had scalloped-edged bowls of dotted all about the house come the holidays. Not my jam, but I appreciate the artistry that goes into creating a box of the delicate candy – so pretty! But if you’re thinking to yourself that my accent ribbon nail would have looked lovely as a water marble, hey, me too! I’m SO ahead of you! But after redoing that one nail three times, I made the wise choice to preserve what little sanity I had left and went with a free-handed design instead. I don’t think it looks much like ribbon candy (not enough bendy loops), but those sugary colours are really lovely together and offset Merry Pinkmas so beautifully, I ain’t complaining.Ribbon Candy Bottle


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