‘S No Flakes Here

Penguin Presents BottleSlow clap for me, folks, because that was one torturosly laboured pun. Cripes, I turned myself inside out on that one so many times, I very nearly broke something.

A word or two about this polish, Candy Lacquer’s Penguin Presents, a recent release in their holiday 2014 collection. I’ve shouted my love for Candy Lacquer’s super unique polishes from the rooftops on more than a few occasions. I probably own seven or eight of their glitter toppers, and they have been across-the-board superb. Zero complaints.

But the Candy Lacquer brand seems to have gone through a bit of a freshening-up in recent months, a process that includes a new logo, new labels, smaller bottles and, if Penguin Presents is any indication, a change in their suspension base, which is regrettably not one for the better. A predominantly black and white, square-shaped glitter mixed with a healthy dose of rainbow neon squares, Penguin Presents is a pretty simple polish, but for the cute little white snowflake glitter. Oh wait, what snowflake glitter? I asked myself that very same question, the answer being that lone flake on my ring finger, a feat achieved only after leaving the bottle to rest upside down for about an hour and a number of anger-inducing fishing trips. I’ve never had such a problem with a Candy Lacquer polish before (their polishes, old and new alike, are positively stuffed with all manner of oddball glitter shapes, but they’re never dry and cover like a beast) and I’m inclined to think it’s owing to what seems to be a change in the base. Penguin Presents is thin and a bit watery, and the square glitter itself – to say nothing of the absentee snowflakes – just slides off the brush and right back into the bottle.

This is the first of Candy Lacquer’s polishes I’ve bought since the change-up, and I’m hoping it’s either growing pains or one dud bottle, because I really adore their products otherwise. Looking at it that way, a 1 in 8 record really isn’t that bad, but I wouldn’t want to see a repeat on Penguin Presents (even if Candy Lacquer very thoughtfully included a small baggie of snowflake glitter alongside the polish, which is nice, but somewhat besides the point.)Penguin Presents Hand

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