MisfitsMy husband was recently on a rather extended business trip, and faced with long nights with naught by Neflix and unlimited bandwidth to keep me entertained, I started watching just whatever struck my fancy (Monte Carlo? Soul Surfer?), including a few programs I’ve been recommended and just never got around to watching.

There entered Misfits, and there went any semblance of productivity I hoped to accomplish over the next week and a half. Life seriously ground to a bit of a halt while I devoured the first six-episode series and desperately tried to stay away from the second so my husband and I could watch it together. Premiering in 2009 and spanning five seasons, Misfits, for the unenlightened – it shouldn’t need saying, but you really ought to get enlightened – is a British show about five screw-up young offenders who, on their first day of community service, are caught out in an electrical storm and struck by lightning, after which they discover they’ve developed super powers. Wackiness ensues (as does charm and that delightful sense of British humour, to say nothing of heartbreak and loss and some genuinely touching pathos.) It’s fast paced and crass (owing in large part to one character, Nathan Young, the walking, never-stops-talking embodiment of the young male id) and so funny, there are scenes that have put me into actual stitches, doubled over on my couch from lack of oxygen. But it’s also sad and contemplative and DARK – questionable morals are what the Misfits are all about. The soundtrack also kicks eight kinds of electronic and Brit Pop ass.

I admittedly haven’t watched much of the third season, choosing instead to compulsively watch the first two series for reasons I shall keep to myself in the interest of not spoiling the story for you – did I mention that you should be watching this show? 😉 – but the first two seasons simply crackle with energy and chemistry, and it’s such a delight to watch. Two enthusiastic thumbs up.

And so with Misfits dominating my life for the past two weeks, I thought I should give it the nail art treatment. Here I tried out Chalkboard Nails‘ smoke effect manicure, in which you paint a lightning design over top of a dark polish, immediately blotting it out with a flat-sided nail art brush dipped in acetone. I then painted on a few fine strands of super power-inducing chain “laaaightnin'”, as the character of Kelly would say, and gave my thumb the logo treatment. An ever so slight mis-fit for my Misfits.

5 thoughts on “Misfits

  1. I loved the first 3 series! (Didn’t watch the rest I’m afraid, I couldn’t get over what happened or see any other person as part of it all if that makes sense, hopefully without ruining anything?…) That lightening is a super cool effect.

    • Thanks! The lightning effect was actually pretty easy to achieve – a tutorial might even come out of this one. 🙂

      And I know exactly what you’re talking about – I skipped forward a bit and found out where our original Misfits wind up. And my affections lie with a certain bouffant haired wanker, so you can guess where I stopped watching.

    • Okay, I skipped ahead to the final episode of season 3! I’ll miss that part of the storyline – trying to speak in “code” here so I don’t spoil anything for anyone – but I’m impressed that they had the courage to let the story play out the way it had to for the show and that particular storyline to have any integrity. I like what Kelly said – “I think it’s dead romantic.” 🙂

      • Haha! I know, it worked well, everything made sense. I loved it, I think it ended so nicely (even though I did cry) and that’s why I just didn’t want to watch any of the other series, I was happy with how it was. I tried to dip back into it again but I couldn’t take to the characters, I think I was still in love with the first lot and couldn’t get over it.

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