Game of Chromes

Mystery Collage There’s no mystery here as to why I love this new Polish Me Silly multichrome, Mystery, and already have plans in place to snatch up its sisters as soon as I’m flush with Christmas money – this is one stunning nail polish, and if there’s anything you should spend your holiday-gotten gains on, this is it! I have a couple of Polish Me Silly’s other multichromes, and beautiful though they are, the colour shift isn’t nearly as pronounced in them as it is in Mystery. Turns out Mystery, a purple-to-green-to-gold-leaning multichrome, is actually what Polish Me Silly calls a mega-multichrome. That’s some serious truth in advertising right there, because depending on all those fun, nail polish-appreciating factors like the angle of your hand and the quality of the light, Mystery can look like about five different nail polishes, going through the full spectrum of plummy purple, mossy green and sunset gold, with a hint of dark blue at the very edges.

Another recent Polish Me Silly purchase was Stop Flaking on Me, a multichrome flakie topper that shares a similar colour palette and chromatic effect to Mystery, and so I thought I’d combine the two, creating a delicate, shimmery effect that highlights all that mega colour-shifting beauty in Mystery. Lovely!Mystery and Stop Flaking on Me

4 thoughts on “Game of Chromes

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