Woah, Christmas Tree!

X-Mas Me Silly BottleHoly smokes, this is one intense holiday nail polish! Meet Polish Me Silly’s grinchy green X-Mas Me Silly, a rainbow glitter bomb that really looks like the brutal aftermath of an ill-considered meet-up between a copy of How the Grinch Stole Christmas and an immersion blender. Wretched “X-Mas” notwithstanding (is it better or worse with that hyphen in there?), X-Mas Me Silly is such a fun and festive holiday polish, I can almost overlook the fact that it is, as some of us may say in the nail biz, a somewhat advanced glitter. It’s quite thick and wants to lump up a bit, particularly in those places where the large star glitter is most plentiful (there are eight on my thumb alone; in the plus category, no fishing around for the good stuff!) You really have to have a strong handle on applying chunky glitter polishes, lest you wind up with an inch and a half of lumpy green gunge on your nails. Even then, the end result is sort of messy and simply TOO MUCH (you’d never know these nails are smooth to the touch – thank you, topcoat – because it looks as though there’s heaps of glitter sticking up all over the place.)

But all is not lost! As always, if you take your time and don’t load up your brush too much and allow each coat to dry thoroughly before going back for more, you’ll be aces. I also think this might be one of those polishes that would work better as a megawatt topper over a cheery green or even white to highlight all those fun rainbows and sparkling green micro glitter. There’s always a workaround to be had, particularly for a polish as seasonally-specific as X-Mas Me Silly – just enjoy it while you can!X-Mas Me Silly Hand

2 thoughts on “Woah, Christmas Tree!

  1. Oh my gosh, I think that is actually just too much for me to handle. And just how rough it looks and the thought of it catching was freaking me out – giving me nightmares. I’m glad you assured me you put a top coat on it but still. I love how much it looks like Christmas, but I just don’t think it’s for me….

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