Clash of Clans

Clash of ClansMr. Finger Candy, have I told you lately that I love you? Because if I haven’t, then these nails honouring your supremely aggravating and socially-debilitating “casual game” obsession, Clash of Clans, say more than those three little words ever could.

Yes, folks, these are the things we do to maintain a happy marriage, even if those things are finally caving and whipping up a set of nails inspired by a game that a) you’ve never once played yourself (trust me, the stories about dark ether and hog riders and wizard towers alone paint a pretty vivid picture) and b) sort of drives you insane because it’s time-consuming, expensive and turns your husband into a muttering nutball who can only speak in gems and thinks dragons are actual currency! All right, so we’re still a long way off from DEFCON 1 on the Crazy Gamer Scale, but you guys, he’s some sort of grand poobah high wizard-type (he’s a clan leader, actually) and despite being pretty vehemently opposed to carrying mobile devices (we’re some of the only people we know that don’t have cell phones) he’s freaking CHAINED to a gifted Samsung device these days commanding troops and deploying traps and gifting his little simu-army dragons and witches and whatever else gets all the other Clashers excited in the pants, which judging from the comments on his page – “Best leader ever!” – is pretty much everything.

And if it sounds like I’m being all snobby, yes, I totally am, but I’m also pretty indulgent about this stuff (some may say too indulgent) because hey, I’ve so been there, done that. I seem to recall an entire lost week about seven years ago when I first discovered the Sims (“Oh hi, sweetie, just let me get up and I’ll make you some coffee to take to work.” “Uh, I just got home from work. Wait, how long have you been sitting there?”) Bottom line: So long as he keeps his in-game currency spending down and doesn’t command his troops while we’re out doing social things, it’s cool. He works hard, and if he wants to play hard like the big geeky weirdo I know and love, that’s fine with me. Besides, it’s led to some pretty sweet nail art!

This manicure is for you, sweetie. I hope you like.

3 thoughts on “Clash of Clans

  1. That rocks! Love the nails and I’m sure your husband loves the support. My wife actually plays Clash now. She said she’d try it but said she’d probably hate it. She got hooked and now she’s part of my clan kicking it.

    Her favorite troop is…dragons. LOL

    • That’s awesome! I have enough game addictions of my own that I don’t need to add one to the list, but he’d just die if I started playing. Good for your wife for jumping in there!

      By the bye, I quite like your blog and I’ll pass along your YouTube deets to the mister. He’s always looking for a way to get a dragon-up on somebody. 😉

      • Thank you very, very much. I just started a YouTube channel about Clash (making me even higher on the geeky scale?) and I’m always stoked by any new comments or subscribers. It’s a learn as I go thing.

        And yeah, my wife is totally awesome. She’s open to trying things, even if she thinks she won’t like it. My clan mates adore her. Her online Clash name is Sassy. They call her the Sassinator. LOL

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