I’ll Have a Blue (and Green) Christmas

Blue and Green ChristmasMy neck of the global woods is quite abundant in snow, and so I often forget that there are whole swaths of this green and verdant earth that see nothing but a green and verdant Christmas, missing out (?) on the twinkling, frost-covered majesty of a cold winter’s morn that I can tell you from SO much experience is impressive only for about five minutes before you realize you actually have to try and get stuff done in weather that makes it kind of hard to breathe and has glued your eyelashes to your cheeks. Habit alone (six months of snow a year is just about all I know) suggests I’d miss it were I to celebrate next Christmas at, say, Disney World in Orlando, Florida, where the coldest it gets is sweater weather, but there’s quite a good argument to be made for a green Christmas (and I don’t mean the kind where it doesn’t snow in Ontario around the holidays either, because that’s just depressing.)

These fresh and festive gradient nails take colour inspiration from warmer climes during these holiday times, and features my favourite polish of 2014, Candy Lacquer’s Candy Cane Fiesta. For a holiday-themed polish packed with green, red and white glitter, it is amazingly versatile and has seen action in more than a few Finger Candy manis this year. In this manicure, I particularly love how the blue polish and smattering of yellow glitter offsets the more traditional Christmas colours, lending these nails a sort of rainbow look, with snowflakes (and some glitter placement on my thumb – oh, that it came out so artistically in the first place, right?)

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