That Name Again? It’s Mr. Plow!

Mr. PlowHello friends, and welcome back after what I hope were an enjoyable few days paying tribute to the holiday gods. I, of course, prayed a bit too hard to the god of heartburn, a totally predictable outcome when your mother’s Christmas morning breakfast table looks like this:Christmas Breakfast Table

I took a bit of a hiatus from both blogging and nail art over the holidays, and now that I’m getting back into the polished swing of things, I’ve found that without the built-in theming of a major holiday like Christmas, Hanukkah or Festivus to prod me along, I’m rather bereft of inspiration and ideas that don’t involve candy canes, elves or gingerbread.

And so when I’m stuck like this, I invariably turn to a favourite movie or TV show to help loosen the mental gears, in this case (and quite a few others) The Simpsons. I’m not sure I’d even consider it one of my top 10s, but the classic Mr. Plow episode from the show’s fourth season won out because it contains one of my favourite moments between Homer and Marge when Homer, after giving up the glory, danger and ultimate burden of manning Springfield’s sole commercial snowplow, dons his jacket for Marge with naught by his tighty whities beneath and struts around their bedroom purring the Mr. Plow jingle from his late night, public access advertisement. I really do love it when Homer and Marge get their freak on, because it’s invariably adorable and/or hilarious, and it’s nice to see a long-standing married couple on television who still have the hots for each other, even (especially?) if they’re animated.

And yes, those are underpants on my thumb. Hey, don’t look at me! Take it up with Marge; she’s the one who seems to find them so charming.

One thought on “That Name Again? It’s Mr. Plow!

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