Disney Girl Challenge: Anna (Coronation)

Disney Girl Challenge: Anna (Coronation)As I commented over on Instagram where this manicure first made its appearance, Frozen is the movie experience that will! not! die! I’m truly boggled by its appeal and subsequent longevity, not because I don’t think it’s a good movie – it is, it really is, please don’t hurt me, Frozen-lovers! – but because I don’t think it’s any better, or worse, than any of the other animated offerings Disney has put forward in the last five to 10 years. The songs are cute and catchy – even if I think Let It Go is terrifically shrieky – the characters are sweet and engaging and it’s flat out beautiful when viewed from the comfort of your couch on your giant ass 3D television, but I could also say the same about Tangled and Enchanted and, going back to the glory days of Disney animation, even The Little Mermaid (which I recently rewatched, and guys, it’s not as good as we remember, Ariel’s really super annoying and Prince Eric is a stone cold moron.)

But the one thing that Frozen excels at, and the part of Frozen mania that I am totally on board with, is its gorgeously detailed set and costume design. I’ve joked in the past that Anna and Elsa have individual wardrobes that could rival the efforts of every other Disney lady combined, and when you factor in an entire castle’s worth of intricately animated fabrics and furniture, it makes for a truly stunning visual experience. Little wonder our world is awash in tiny Elsas and even tinier Annas – their world, and wardrobes, are just too vibrant and beautiful to pass up. That’s little girl (and maybe boy) pay dirt right there!

So jumping aboard this runaway Frozen train (I’d make a Snowpiercer joke here, but did anyone like that movie besides me? Did anyone see that movie besides me?), I thought I’d leap into the fray with this manicure inspired by Anna’s green embroidered “corneration” day dress. This mani also fits in nicely with my ongoing Disney Girl Challenge, a self-imposed bit of nail art lunacy I began a year or so ago in which I’ve attempted to capture all the ladies of the Disneyverse in wee, lacquered form. Somehow I had yet to tackle any of Anna’s beautiful dresses, an oversight now nicely corrected!

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