Colour Inside the Lines

Colour Inside the LinesSpeaking in the most general of senses as it applies to life, I think it’s far preferable to be a colour-outside-the-lines kind of person as opposed to a colour-inside-the-lines. This world needs true innovation – not just a bunch of aging bros who think they’re Steve Jobs and consider the highest echelon of public discourse to be one in which they sell me on their nine-tiered pyramid scheme business plan to personal and financial happiness through gluten-free nutritional supplements – and so long as that behaviour stays on the right side of the law, I see no reason to get antsy with those who choose to push the boundaries.

But if we’re talking about actual colouring books, particularly MY colouring books, let it be known that I beat wholesale ass on anyone who scrawls outside the lines, even with crayons as cute as these. šŸ˜‰

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