Don’t Flake Out on Me

Partying HeartyOr do; there’s lots to be excited about here if you’re a Polish Head, a magpie (really one and the same) or someone who just likes pretty, sparkly things! This is Polish Me Silly’s Party Hearty, a purple-to-blue-to-green-to-everything-else multi-chromatic flakie that really presents best over black or other very dark colours, although that certainly hasn’t stopped me from trying to make other polish combinations happen, like this one where I layered Party Hearty over Pure Ice’s glowy magenta Crazy Love. In photos this combo loses a bit of its lustre – tone on tone never shows particularly well in photographs – although it is so lovely actually on the nail – eye-catching and colourful without being seriously in-your-face.

But as much as I love these two polishes together, Party Hearty really does its best work over black. So how fortuitous is it that Mr. Finger Candy gifted me with a lovely new macro lens for Christmas (actually a set of different effects lenses) that I put to immediate good use in capturing all of Party Hearty’s gorgeous chromatic rainbows over black waaaaaaayyyyyy up close and personal? Very! So my macro game could use a bit of work (oh dear lord, there’s tiny cat furs everywhere!), but there’s no denying how very beautiful Party Hearty is generally, and also now in extreme close-up. 😉Party Hearty Macro

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