Ice Cold Champagne

Toast-ess With the MostestThis beautiful, sparkly polish, KB Shimmer’s Toast-ess With the Mostest, has been on my hit list for the better part of a year, and I kept passing it over in favour of something else, anything else, for absolutely no good reason whatsoever. So with a recent influx of holiday funds, I rectified that “problem” (gave it a good home, I did!) and now I have access to champagne-hued holographic glitter nails whenever I darn well please. I love how the varied mix of glitters – small, medium and large circles, holographic micro glitter and a smattering of hexes – look like tiny bubbles rising to the surface of a glass of champagne (on that related note, if you have the means, I’d highly recommend picking one up. A bottle of champagne, that is. Real champagne – the super expensive stuff that can legitimately call itself champagne, not Baby Duck! – is an effervescent, alcoholic delight of the purest ray serene, and all other bubbly drinkstuffs will thereafter be ruined for you forever. A friend of mine with impeccable taste in pretty well everything once brought a bottle of something very fine and very delicate to dinner at my parents’, and it was game over – Champagnale just will not do any more, I’m afraid!)

The ice cold is in reference to the fact that to take these photos, I had to jump out onto my very windy balcony in -20 degree weather while my hands and partially bare legs (I know, I KNOW) first went tingly, and then kind of numb. Suffering for my art – how Method.Toast-ess With the Mostest

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