Rainbow Leopard

Rainbow Spot SignHeh, that sounds like the name of a strip club – The Rainbow Leopard. I once stayed at a (in hindsight) fairly sketchy hotel in Toronto out by the airport on one of those too-short-to-actually-do-anything-touristy stopovers on the way to Florida, and its view looked out on a windowless strip club painted entirely in lavender leopard print. To that point I had never encountered exterior leopard print, and indeed to this day it remains the lone, shining example. I wish I had taken note of the club’s name – you know it would have been something fantastic with a paint job like that! I do, however, remember that there was a LOT of porn available for rent at the hotel, including the memorably titled Hawaiian Sex Fest 4, a film I declined to view given that I’d be hopelessly lost, having not seen the first three, um, installments.

But these nails have nothing to do with either strippers or porn, so long as you overlook the fact that they’re rainbow, glittery and covered in leopard spots. So sort of one and the same? 😉

This is actually KB Shimmer’s wicked fun Spot Sign, a clear glitter topper loaded with black circle glitter, black and silver holographic micro glitter and LEOPARD SPOT GLITTER, over a bright rainbow gradient. It’s so ’80s! The leopard spot glitter is so much fun (and I’m not even all that into animal prints) and I can really see myself getting a lot of utility out of this polish once I tinker around with some other techniques and combinations a bit. Formula-wise, Spot Sign is one of KB’s less-dense polishes – I’ve shown two coats here – and goes on smoothly with only a minimum of directed placement. Like all large and oddly shaped glitter, the leopard spots want to sink to the bottom of the bottle. Just remember to give your bottle a little jiggle every couple of nails to redistribute the glitter and you’ll be fine.

Here I’ve shown Spot Sign in the bottle in the shade, and because the day was overcast and wanted to hide all that pretty holographic micro glitter, under the shimmer-inducing pot lights in my kitchen. So tacky, but so pretty!Rainbow Leopard Collage

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