There’s No Business Like Glow Business

Flakie CollageI knew this manicure, a purple-on-black gradient topped with blue-leaning, iridescent flakies, was going to look cool, but I had no idea the little blue flakies would pull so much light from the dark polish and glow neon blue! It’s such a cool effect – like tiny LED lights for your nails – and one that remains that way no matter the angle of your hand, the quality of the light or, apparently, your choice of matte or shiny topcoat. Neat!

Here I’ve shown a touch-too-dark gradient of OPI’s purple Do You Have This Color in Stock-holm? over Pure Ice’s Black Out, topped with the blue flakies from Revlon’s double-ended Moon Candy polish in Orbit. And going for two different looks from the same mani, I sealed the whole works off first with a coat of ultra shiny Seche Vite before finishing up with a coat of Essie’s satiny Matte About You. Either way, the light from the iridescent flakes blazes through, elevating this simple glitter-on-gradient manicure above the of-the-moment flakie fray.

10 thoughts on “There’s No Business Like Glow Business

    • Thank you – and definitely! These nails were for an Instagram challenge, and it was all about the matte flakies – they actually seem to fare pretty well across the board when you put a matte topcoat over them.

  1. They look so weird in a good way, because like you say they actually look like they’re glowing or had some work done in Photoshop. (The look of them also reminds me of these huge marbles I had when I was young!)

    • Thank you! I took these photos one VERY COLD (not that that part matters!) and overcast day off my balcony, so no direct light. I almost feel like I should edit to add these photos weren’t tinkered with after the fact, because they actually really look it!

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