Everything is Awesome!

Everything is Awesome!Lego Movie nails inspired by a recent rash of Lego-related activities (watching the movie itself, playing the super fun tie-in video game, having that song stuck in my head for 18 hours out of the day) and a couple of random polishes my mom got me for Christmas, including Pure Ice’s Show Stopper, a perfectly hued Lego yellow creme, and Ardene’s Photobomb, a black and neon blue matte glitter topper. Those two polishes alone remind me so much of the character of Wyldstyle there on my middle finger (how appropriate; I think she’d approve!) that it wasn’t much of a leap to Lego Movie nails featuring everybody’s favourite maybe-DJ and her partner in crime, Emmett. Sing it with me now: These nails are so awesome!

13 thoughts on “Everything is Awesome!

    • No apologies necessary – it is SUCH an earworm! My husband and I just finished playing the Lego Movie video game, and there’s this pair of pants you collect (“Honey, whhhhhheeeeerrrrre’s my pants?”) that when you put them on, your character automatically starts dancing to the Everything is Awesome song. TL;DR – I have listened to that song about 6,857 times in the last month and I’m still not sick of it!

    • Aw, thank you – that’s awesome (everything is awesome?) of you to say! 🙂 But I think maybe something is up with the Word Press feed or perhaps how I’ve got my settings set, because I only see, like, every second or third of your posts, too. Then I go to your site proper and see that there’s all this stuff I never saw when it was first published. Boo-urns.

      • now that i moved my blog from .com to wordpress.org I miss alot of stuff. the only way i see my reader feed is if i login to wordpress.com specifically for that purpose. it’s so lame because i don’t always remember to do that. So I rely heavily on bloglovin and email updates to keep me in the know.

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