Matte for Dots

DottyThere’s something very mod about this matte manicure (I refuse to use the term “dotticure,” except of course within parentheses.) It’s absolutely the dots themselves – polka dots were a mainstay of the Mod movement – but also the vibrant colour combination.

Did you know that my apartment is actually decorated in the somewhat muted version of this exact colour scheme? My bedroom is a pale, icy turquoise blue, while the remainder of the apartment is what some unenlightened types might refer to as PINK!!! I call it a rich, warm raspberry. Mr. Finger Candy merely calls them walls, because he truly don’t give a frig. Also, it’s a gorgeous colour, so arse anyone who says otherwise (there have been naysayers, like the plumber who once came by and acted like immediately afterwards he was going to have to go roll around in a giant puddle of bull shark testosterone to get all the girly off him, but to them I say nay!) To prove my point, here’s a bit of real life realness for you. Behold, one small portion of my diningroom!Diningroom

See, that’s not so objectionable. I just really love walls with some life to them (although if I had any decorating balls whatsoever and didn’t have to worry about pesky little things like resale attractiveness or horrifying my mother, I’d decorate my entire apartment like the inside of the Haunted Mansion. Just damask and brocade EVERYTHING.)

But getting back to the issue at hand – namely my hands – this mani was a simple dotted affair of no discernible pattern topped with Essie’s Matte About You. There was no plan in mind beyond making the dots look as random and natural as possible, and the colour combination was already a natural winner. Simple and simply striking, and a look I’ll definitely try again.

6 thoughts on “Matte for Dots

    • So weird, but up until about a year and a half ago, I NEVER wore nail polish. Like, at all. Maybe 30 times in my life total. Now I’m incomplete if my nails don’t look like a rainbow. Weird world. 🙂

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