Cookie Party!

Cookie PartyLooks like that binge eating scamp Cookie Monster got to my first polish from Whimsical Ideas by Pam, the chip-a-licious Just Add Milk, before I could. Bad form, Mr. Monster! But pretty understandable given that this polish is ADORABLE! Just Add Milk is my first Whimsie, to those in the know, and it’s fabulous, just a simple mix of brown holographic glitter in a caramel-coloured jelly base. There’s not a whole lot to it, but on the nail it’s all chocolate chip cookie, and it positively calls out for a cold and creamy glass of 1%.

For this munched-upon mani I layered one coat of Just Add Milk over one coat of an opaque, nude creme before adding the little black bite marks and the accent nail of Cookie Monster himself. I initially tried it with nothing but Just Add Milk, but the density of the glitter – not overwhelming or drying, but definitely plentiful – meant that my mani was sporting a most uneven ratio of “chips” to “batter,” obscuring all that gorgeous tan jelly and diluting the overall cookie effect. Much yummier this way. COOOOO-KIIIIIIEEEEEEEE!Just Add Milk

17 thoughts on “Cookie Party!

  1. I love the bite marks! You are so creative! I used to looove cookie monster as a kid and had a stuffed toy version that had googly eyes and I was always shoving biscuits in his mouth lol

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