Nice Melons

Wacky WatermelonThe first bit of nail art I ever attempted (aside from some experiments with my Hard Candy polishes back in high school that resulted in me dumping an entire bottle of frosted purple lacquer onto my parents’ basement rug) was a watermelon-type design. I can’t say I’m the hugest fan of watermelon itself (I guess it’s a nice enough snack on hot summer days, but watermelon-flavoured anything is the work of the devil) but I love the look of it. For lack of a better term, it’s an aesthetically pleasing fruit.

All that to say I have quite a bit of watermelon-hued polish (lush, corally pinks and vibrant, jungle greens) and now, thanks to Whimsical Ideas by Pam, I have a melon-hued glitter, the gorgeous, summery, pink-spotted Wacky Watermelon. I’ve shown Wacky Watermelon here over the coral and green polishes from Mentality’s Glazing Art Set, sheer jellies you can sandwich, layer or build to full opacity (more on those a little later this week.) I was initially a touch on the fence about Wacky Watermelon, finding the ratio of coral glitter to the black and green glitters off in favour of pink, PINK, PINK!!!, but on the nail it’s pure watermelony goodness – matte pink circles and hexes in a clear base with just a tiny smattering of green and black hexes. A perfect blend of fruit and rind and seeds. Just an adorably fun and lovely polish all around.Wacky Watermelon Bottle

8 thoughts on “Nice Melons

    • Thanks! The pink is the coral glaze from Mentality Polish’s Glazing Art Set. I know they’re sold individually, too (at least that’s how it’s done on Harlow & Co., where I got the 10-piece set) and it’s just called Coral. They’re like shimmery jellies – that’s three coats there.

      • It’s gorgeous! You have the world’s best collection of nail polish! OH! Do a post about your stash? Omg I would die looking at them all together lol 😀 Ok no don’t do that post – I’d die of jealousy! 😀 Seriously though I love looking at your blog, it always cheers me up 😀

      • Oh holy cats, that would be pretty crazy, and my stash isn’t all that big. I’ve been tempted, but I don’t want to be that ass that’s all “Lookit mah goodies, y’all!” Although I’ve got a mass post coming up on those Mentality polishes that’s a wee bit “Look at my stuff, look at my stuff!” And I love that you love my blog – entertaining people and amusing their eyeballs – all good things! Thanks so much for your kind words. 🙂

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