Going Mental: A Mentality Glazing Art Set Review

Mentality CollageEarlier this year Mentality Nail Polish released a 10-piece collection of rainbow polishes called the Glazing Art Set. Categorized as jellies, these ever so slightly shimmery polishes are opaque in three coats, but sheer enough straight out of the bottle that they can be used in all sorts of fun nail art techniques, from leadlighting and jelly sandwiches to pond manis and homemade Franken-polishes. You can see a few of the manicures I’ve already created with these polishes here, here and here.Mentality Lineup

Formula-wise, the glazes flow onto the nail nicely, being neither too thin or thick, although I did notice that the two purple polishes were a touch thinner than their sisters. In terms of application, they all brushed on smoothly and were completely opaque in three coats – quite the feat for a sheer formulation; I’ve had cremes with poorer coverage – although once again the two purple polishes proved to be ever so slightly less vibrant than their counterparts and probably could have benefitted from four coats each. Scattered throughout with the very faintest (and daintiest) of silver shimmer, these polishes do not look like jellies in the most traditional sense of the word, eschewing a jelly’s usual squishiness for a ton of gorgeous, best-in-the-shade visual interest that I have yet to put into practice, but that I bet will look pretty fabulous in some stained glass nail art.

The 10-piece Glazing Art Set, which I purchased from Harlow & Co., retails for $65 USD, although you can also buy each of the polishes – red, orange, yellow, green, aqua, blue, purple, red-purple, coral and grey – individually (but come on, don’t you want the set – it’s like finger paints for adults!) If you’re interested in stretching your glitters, trying your hand at a watercolour-type look, creating fun new colour combinations or just mucking around with a giant pile of pretty, rainbow-hued polishes, look no further than these versatile and beautifully made glazes that are sure to inspire all manner of nail art greatness.

The following photo collages show one, two and three coats of each of the 10 glazes in natural, indirect light with no top coat.


Red Glaze Collage


Orange Glaze Collage


Yellow Glaze Collage


Green Glaze Collage


Aqua Glaze Collage


Blue Glaze Collage


Purple Glaze Collage


Purple-Red Glaze Collage


Coral Glaze Collage


Grey Glaze Collage

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