You’re a Peach

To Peach His Own BottleHere’s a colourful polish to put a bit of Spring in your step this cold February morn. This is KB Shimmer’s To Peach His Own, a paler than pale peach crelly sprinkled with yellow, periwinkle, hot pink and lime green holographic glitter. I’m always the first one to point out when a nail polish looks like food, and To Peach His Own is no exception – it looks like it’s studded with tiny little Easter jelly beans!

KB has produced some truly beautiful colour combinations in the past (we really don’t need to talk about their formulations, because they tend to be rock solid), but I think the polishes that belong to their recently released Spring line – To Peach His Own included – are some of their best. I particularly like how the just-this-side-of-nude peach base blends in almost seamlessly with my ultra pale skin tone (some call that effect “mannequin hands”) while the multi-coloured glitters sparkle gently. It’s a very delicate polish, and one that, unlike a lot of my stash, can be worn to work or other more serious social engagements. I think To Peach His Own would make an exceptional bridal polish, or a fun pick for bridesmaids seeking matching pedicures. And then, of course, just everyday wearing around the house, because sometimes you just need a springy pick-me-up!To Peach His Own Bottle 2To Peach His Own

7 thoughts on “You’re a Peach

    • It’s awesome. It looks a bit more yellow-toned inside under overhead lights, but mostly it’s just this perfect pale nude that looks super on the melanomanally challenged (and the glitter looks like jellybeans!)

    • This nail polish is fantastic – I don’t think I sung that from the rooftops hard or loud enough. So pretty and delicate, and at a distance (and not jammed up in your face in a photo) the glitter is not as noticeable. You could totally get away with it at the more permissive of the not permissive workplaces.

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