You’re So Charming

Charmed Bottle“Hey Sandra?” you may be thinking to yourself (“Yes, reader?” I’d reply while poking my head out of a locker, because I grew up on So You Can’t Do That on Television.) “Hey Sandra, pay attention! I’m not talking about ’80s Canadian TV shows. I’m talking about that little gemstone charm on your ring finger. Thought you didn’t like obtrusive crap on your nails, hmmmm? Who’s the hypocrite now?” And that’s about the moment I’ll stick my head back in the locker and scamper away like a shamed little bunny, because I’m the hypocrite now, ABSOLUTELY, as I have really come to love obtrusive crap on my nails. It’s maybe sort of a disease? Because I once swore up and down that it’d be a dark day in hell when I showed up with stuff on my nails, and now I’m posting a new, stuff-filled manicure nearly every single week. Cripes, somebody save me from myself!

Or not, because these charms are indeed quite charming, and I really love the jewelry-type effect they add to beautiful, but otherwise basic, manicures. Here I’ve shown a little pear-shaped cluster of glittering stones from Daily Charme over Different Dimension’s gold-flecked mauve, Luminosity. Daily Charme’s nail goodies all sport gently curved backs, which helps them adhere nicely to the surface of your nail and cuts down on that aggravating thing where you pull your hand through, say, the arm of your sweater and promptly rip the darn thing clean off your finger. They’re also quite lovely and delicate in that twee, Mod Cloth sort of way, and once again running contrary to my mistaken beliefs, not the least bit obtrusive! Much like fake eyelashes, you adjust to the presence of a nail charm on your person (my, what a formal sentence fragment) – I actually had to remember to pry mine off before bed last night, lest it be lost forever to the stormy cotton seas of my bedding.

So mock all you want, should you wish – it’s not like I don’t have it coming. But I think I’ll continue to be charmed by charms…only from now on, I’ll proudly own up to it. πŸ™‚Charm Hand

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