Mythical Creature

Rainbow Sprinkles CollageEver had one of those polishes that looks gorgeous in real life but, like the Loch Ness Monster, a unicorn and the Yeti all combined, it absolutely, positively, steadfastly refuses to be photographed? That’s this polish, or this combination of polishes, Whimsical Ideas by Pam’s holo Rainbow Sprinkles over OPI’s royal purple Do You Have This Color in Stock-holm? Stock-holm is doing that annoying thing purple polishes do where they photograph as blue, while the fine silvery holo of Rainbow Sprinkles has sent my camera’s auto focus feature into spasms of photographic insanity, resulting in approximately 135 blurry, mostly unusable photographs of what is otherwise a really lovely, delicately twinkling manicure. It’s par for the course to run across a polish or two that just refuse to show their faces on film, usually because of an excess of holo – check! – or because they’re purple – check, check! – although that knowledge doesn’t make it any less annoying when you’re standing out on your balcony in -30 degree weather, freezing your ass and other stuff off as you contort your hands and body into fun new positions in an effort to capture the likeness of what is rapidly becoming a sort of obsession for you, the mythical Mani of the Mountain, a creature who, it is said, will lose its soul should the harsh, unnatural glow of a photographic flash alight upon its rarely-seen countenance. Bah!

Having said all that, the best of a bad lot of photos does get the general idea across, and Rainbow Sprinkles looks pretty fantastic all up close and personal, riding on a super smooth base of Do You Have That Color in Stock-holm? Looks like I’ll just have to be content with this brief, aggravating view of a frustratingly elusive nail polish animal…for now.

Rainbow Sprinkles MacroRainbow Sprinkles Hands

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