Whimsiquirkalicious: A Whimsical Ideas by Pam Review

Whimsiquirkalicious CollageRegular readers or even just casual dropper-byers will have noticed I’ve featured quite a few polishes recently from indie polish maker Whimsical Ideas by Pam. They’re the cute little glitter polishes in the pretty square bottles with the adorable labels. People call them Whimsies and they look like this:Whimsies Bottle Collage

I discovered Pam’s polishes through Facebook, which is the platform through which you can find her contact information, business updates and polish photo galleries. Ordering is an ultra simple and efficient affair – simply peruse the photos on Facebook of currently available Whimsies (Whimsical Ideas also has a loyal Instagram presence), pick your poison and then contact Pam at the e-mail address provided. She will e-mail you back promptly (it was within half an hour both times I placed an order) with a basic invoice breaking down your polish choices, the cost per polish ($10) and the shipping charges to your country (yes, she takes international orders.) If everything seems up to snuff, you’ll then remit payment to her PayPal account via the provided e-mail address, she’ll get to work on your order and in about a week and a half (to Canada at least) you’ll have a mailbox full of wonderful, glittering gifties.

Ironically enough, this ultra simple, but dead effective, setup is what initially held me back from placing my first order with Pam. The cynic in me (or perhaps that side of me that possesses even half an ounce of financial self-preservation) was crying out that placing an order with a business – even a small indie one – that didn’t have a large online presence was just asking for trouble, and I’d probably be farther ahead just tossing my money out the window. But we should all know by now that size really doesn’t matter, and Whimsical Ideas by Pam proves this. Her safe, streamlined system gets the job done perfectly, no fuss, no muss, no Nigerian princes boosting your credit card information. And on top of everything else, Pam herself is a hell of a nice person who makes even the payment of an invoice seem like a cheerful event.

So administratively speaking, Pam’s got it going on, but what of the polishes themselves? Gorgeous! And so beautifully made. Whimsies are a labour of Pam’s love, a fact plainly evident from the moment you look at them. From the gorgeous, Tim Burton-esque font that graces the elegant, square bottles to the inspiration for the polishes themselves (everything from friends and family to her cat, Kismet) these are true indie polishes, a small scale affair that just happens to turn out large scale quality. The polishes, which range from micro glitters and sheer shimmers to holos and chunky glitters, are universally lovely in terms of formulation. Pam’s fond of using what I call large novelty glitter (think skulls or Mickey Mouse heads), which in my experience at least have an incredibly irksome habit of sinking to the bottom of a bottle of polish, emerging only after a deep sea fishing expedition on par with the reeling in of Jaws. But Pam’s polishes always hold the suspended glitter beautifully, from the tiniest of micro glitters to those of the large and oddly shaped variety, and apply smoothly and evenly. That’s actually somewhat of a rarity in the glitter game, so it’s a delight to find a maker who’s doing it right.Watermelon Sprinkles Collage

Best of all, I knew I had found a kindred spirit to hit me with my indie polish fix when I looked down at one of my first purchases, the sublimely creamy-looking Just Add Milk, and saw what I’m assuming is a small Kismet fur trapped behind the lamination on the label. As someone who has inadvertently painted an errant cat fur into approximately 60 percent of her manicures, I found it utterly adorable. šŸ™‚Cookie Crop

So if you’re looking for some truly unique and beautifully made polishes with a ton of heart from an indie maker who’s really got her act together, I’d recommend you drop by Pam’s Facebook page or main Instagram account and peruse the lovely, glittery wares. There’s sure to be a little something for everyone, and hopefully you’ll be just as charmed as I am!


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