Better Off Red

Enchanted BottleSo I recently did the thing I told myself I wasn’t going to do, which was buy into Enchanted Polish’s frankly ridiculous (but ridiculously effective) marketing tactic of releasing such limited quantities of their polishes, every single one becomes an instant limited edition must-have. Their products are gorgeous – always, every time, and worth every penny of their elevated price tags – but obtaining them is such a pain. There’s always some mad, dash-to-the-cash-type event that leaves you feeling ever so slightly unsatisfied, probably because the second of the two polishes you wanted sold out in the amount of time it took you to place the first in your cart. Or in this case you pre-order two polishes totally blind, because you apparently don’t remember that promise you made to yourself about not doing precisely that, the only clue to your two-piece polish purchase being that they are called January and February 2015. Because once you’ve started to tip, why not just topple all the way over, right?

As I said, Enchanted’s formulations are indisputably divine, so I wasn’t worried about that in a buy sight unseen, but noting that Enchanted has been on a bit of a creme kick recently, I *was* somewhat worried that I’d wind up with a $20 bottle of a basic white creme.

But me of little faith! Because these polishes, plummy January 2015 and this red beauty, February 2015, are gorgeous and the exact shades I would have picked for myself if given the choice. So it was a bit of a gamble, but in this case I think it paid off beautifully!February 2015 CollageFebruary 2015 Hand


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